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Polladhavan 2007 Full Movie Free Download DVDRip min - Polladhavan 2007 Full Movie Free Download DVDRipMovie Details:    

Language: Tamil

Starring: Dhanush, Divya Spandana, Kishore, Daniel Balaji

Genres: Drama, Action, Romance

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imdb 37x18 - Polladhavan 2007 Full Movie Free Download DVDRip

A man fights for his lost bike with courage.

Brief Description:

Polladhavan 2007 is an Indian movie in the Tamil language. Vetrimaaran is director of this movie. S Katheresan is the producer of the movie. The writer of this movie is Vetrimaaran. Polladhavan 2007 movie cast includes Dhanush, Divya Spandana, Kishore, Daniel Balaji and other stars. Music of Polladhavan 2007 is by G V Prakash Kumar. Download Polladhavan 2007 in HD 720p BluRay. The release date for the movie is 08-November-2007.

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Polladhavan 2007 min - Polladhavan 2007 Full Movie Free Download DVDRip

Polladhavan 2007 Story:

Prabhu (Dhanush) is a cheerful working-class family fellow who invests energy playing carrom in the lanes with his companions Sathish (Santhanam) and Kumar (Karunas). His dad (Murali) and he continue falling into minor mistaken assumptions, and he enjoys a sad sentiment with an interesting young lady Hema (Divya Spandana) who he meets at a transport stop. When he is gotten in the demonstration of taking a wage from his dad for alcohol with his companions, Prabhu questions his dad’s duty towards his child.

His irate father gives Prabhu some of his investment funds and instructs him to accomplish something with his life. Prabhu buys a Bajaj Pulsar bicycle rather and finds an occupation. The bicycle, in the long run, spares his life from an oddity episode and gets lost, subjecting him to endless anguish as he looks for his bicycle. At the point when his relatives get some information about his bicycle, he discloses to them that he has given it for merchant benefit.


Prabhu clashes with the black market when he witnesses a fierce murder arranged by a posse in Kasimedu in North Chennai by a pirating wear Selvam (Kishore) and his accessories. He discovers that his bicycle was stolen by an insignificant bicycle cheat who ends up being regarding Selvam’s more youthful sibling Ravi (Daniel Balaji). Prabhu follows down the guilty party as Sendrayan and hands him over to the nearby police headquarters. A formal dissension stopped on Sendrayan on that night. Soon thereafter, Prabhu admits to his family that his bicycle was stolen. His family is exceptionally angry with him because of his flippant conduct. The following morning, Ravi visits Prabhu’s habitation and debilitates him to pull back the protest against Sendrayan.

At the point when Prabhu can’t, battle breaks amongst Prabhu and Ravi, where Ravi is joined by few of his assistants, Prabhu figures out how to battle them all and leaves Ravi beaten and humiliated among people in general. Selvam returns home on safeguard after a murder allegation. When he discovers the end result for Ravi, he gets irate and sends his partners in crime to slaughter Prabhu without knowing the purpose behind his sibling’s shame. In the interim, Prabhu, alongside his companion and auto driver Kumar, meets Selvam at his own habitation in Kasimedu. Ravi isn’t home around then. Prabhu comes clean to Selvam yet declines to trust that his sibling Ravi and his men stole his bicycle.


Prabhu recovers his bicycle and was diminished for a short time before coming to realize what is happening and Ravi is after him and his family. He initially goes to spare Hema. In the wake of securing her, he goes to spare his family. He supposes the best way to stop this is to go up against Ravi himself. He brings down every one of the men sent by Ravi who comes in his direction. In the interim, Prabhu’s family pursued down in Kumar’s auto-rickshaw by Ravi’s men. Prabhu discovers Ravi stowing away in an ice plant and connects with him in a battle.

Prabhu gets Ravi under the blade, undermining him to request that his men leave Prabhu’s family. Ravi does as such. At the point when Prabhu is going to leave, Ravi incites him to proceed with the battle until death. Prabhu figures out how to avoid Ravi’s swing of his blade and gets a steel pole to lethally thump down Ravi. Out touches base at the scene. Shockingly he discloses to Ravi that he found Ravi’s scheme of slaughtering Selvam before Ravi passes on. Prabhu leaves the scene in his much darling Pulsar bicycle.

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