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Language: English

Starring: Shirley MacLaine, Amanda Seyfried

Genres: DramaComedy

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Harriet is a retired businesswoman who tries to control everything around her. When she decides to write her own obituary, a young journalist takes up the task of finding out the truth resulting in a life-altering friendship.

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The Last Word 2017 movie is an American Hollywood movie in the English language. Mark Pellington is the director of the movie. Mark Pellington, Anne Marie MacKay, Kirk D’Amico, is the producer of the movie. The writer of this movie is Stuart Ross Fink. The Last Word 2017 cast includes Shirley MacLaine, Amanda Seyfried, and other stars. Music of The Last Word 2017 is by John Swihart. The Last Word 2017 full movie download in HD 720p BluRay. The release date of the movie is January 24, 2017.

The Last Word 2017 Story:

In The Last Word, Shirley MacLaine is Harriet Lauler, a once successful businesswoman in tight control of every aspect of her life. As she reflects upon her accomplishment. She’s suddenly inspired to engage a young local writer, Anne Sherman (Amanda Seyfried), to pen her life’s story. When the initial result doesn’t meet Harriet’s high expectations. She sets out to reshape the way she is remembered, with Anne dragged along as an unwilling accomplice. As the journey unfolds, the two women develop a unique bond which alters not only Harriet’s legacy but also Anne’s future.

The movie’s opening proper finds MacLaine standing in front of one of the gabled windows of the spacious house in which her character. Harriet Lauder lives in comfortable isolation. Seemingly friendless, she haunts the grounds of her property. Control-freaking-out both her landscaper (hey, that’s Gedde Watanabe!) and live-in cook (Yvette Freeman). She is sick of life, and so she half-heartedly tries to end it, but after a tetchy confrontation with a physician. She’s struck by a notion: to commission her own obituary.


So determined, she marches into the offices of her California town’s local paper (which, she reminds its current editor, she saved on many occasions while she made her fortune working in advertising) and demands to meet its obit writer. This turns out to be another woman, a young disaffected one named Anne Sherman, played by Amanda Seyfried. “The thought of leaving my obituary to chance is very unreasonable to me,” Harriet explains to Anne, laying out what she believes to be her bona fides as a “reasonable” woman.

This is, among other things, something of a fatty movie. It goes out of its way to hit “beats” that it presumes will be satisfying to a mainstream audience, as when Anne, Harriet, and Brenda bond over McDonald’s food during their road trip. The one mildly unexpected piece of character development comes when Anne encourages Harriet to do something with her modest but choice vinyl collection.

This leads to a rhapsody on the joys of hearing a perfectly sequenced radio set, and soon Harriet herself is inveigling the manager of a free-form FM station (there’s that influence from 1988 again) into giving her the “drive time” slot as a DJ. Anne is actually shopping at a used record store when she hears Harriet on the air for the first time. Who goes record shopping between six and eleven in the morning? None of the record stores I used to go to even OPENED before eleven.


In any event, it’s in this area that the movie, oddly enough, finds some interesting footing. Director Mark Pellington, who began his career as an in-house rebel at MTV, still has a sharp sense of music and people’s potential relation to it, and Harriet’s DJing sets are a highlight. As are certain quiet, individual scenes between MacLaine and Seyfried. A less expansive treatment of the story might have yielded a less persistently conventional character study, this suggests. But to get to what’s good about “The Last Word” you’re obliged to take it warts and all.

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