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Language: English

Starring: Alain Moussi, Jean Claude Van Damme, Hafpor Julius Bjornsson, Christopher Lambert

Genres: ActionDramaAdventure

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One year after the events of “Kickboxer: Vengeance”, Kurt Sloan has vowed never to return to Thailand. However, while gearing up for an MMA title shot, he finds himself sedated and forced.

Brief Description:   

Kickboxer Retaliation 2018 is a Hollywood movie in the English language. Dimitri Logothetis is the director of the movie. Dimitri Logothetis, Robert Hickman is the producer of the Kickboxer Retaliation 2018. The writer of the movie is Dimitri Logothetis. Kickboxer Retaliation 2018 cast includes Alain Moussi, Jean Claude Van Damme, Hafpor Julius Bjornsson, Christopher Lambert, Ronaldinho, Mike Tyson and other stars. Music of this movie is by Adam Dorn. Kickboxer Retaliation 2018 full movie download in HD 720p BluRay.The release date of the movie is January 26, 2018.

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Kickboxer Retaliation 2018 Story:

It has been eighteen months when you consider that Kurt Sloane killed Tong Po and avenged the loss of life of his brother Eric. Now an expert combined martial artist, Kurt defeats Renato Sobral the usage of a flow he calls the “Hurricane Armbar”, a hurricanrana into an armbar. Kurt has been plagued via nightmares in which he and his wife Liu are on a educate and he reveals himself preventing at the teaching which ends up with him falling into water and probably drowning. After the combat, Kurt is met with the aid of two U.S. Marshals who tell him that he ought to go back to Thailand to be implicated in the death of Tong Po. When Kurt asks to look one of the Marshal’s badges, he’s tasered.

An American boxer who quickly bonds with Kurt and even offers him a way to go through the ache from the whippings. Kurt also soon learns that his Muay Thai teacher. Durand is now education some of the prisoners but reveals that for his problems, he has been blinded. Durand is going to one of Mongkut’s schooling classes handiest to research the fighter is a fabricated from bioengineering by way of Ivy League graduate Rupert. He has evolved a mixture of adrenaline and steroids, as a consequence making Mongkut without a doubt invincible except for one small weak point: a tumbler jaw.


Moore, understanding Kurt nonetheless will now not accept the offer, makes a decision to take drastic measures and unearths Liu at the train station. Having bribed the identical police officers she had accused of corruption to find Kurt, she receives extra help from old buddy Gamon. However, Moore’s goons, led via Somsak, have abducted Liu and that night time, Crawford suggests Kurt a video of Liu. Kurt decides to take the fight with Durand, Briggs, and the opposite prisoners training him. Gamon joins in on the education and Kurt acknowledges Somsak.

The next day, Kurt reveals Somsak and chases him. After combating more of Moore’s men, Kurt catches up to Somsak and needs to realize where Liu is. Liu has been hiding in Moore’s condo. When O’Keefe, Moore’s right-hand man, leads an ambush to stop the organization, Mongkut arrives. He is about to hit Kurt whilst Liu steps in and Mongkut hits her hard in the stomach, knocking her unconscious. An irritated Kurt tells Crawford to tell Moore he’s going to face Mongkut each time and everywhere.

Liu is comatose inside the sanatorium for a few days till she wakes up and learns Kurt has taken the fight. She absolutely accepts his selection. Mongkut proves to be an excessive amount of for Kurt and mid-manner through, Mongkut throws Kurt to a statue, actually killing him. Liu finds Rupert’s suitcase of adrenaline and makes use of a needle to revive Kurt.


Awakening, Kurt reveals a 2d wind and notwithstanding getting some of the upper hand. Mongkut yet again throws Kurt towards a statue and this time takes him to a close-by fountain to drown him. Kurt imagines himself once more drowning as he did in his dream. However, overhears the voices of Liu and Durand, prompting him to “swim out”. Kurt grabs a series and wraps it around his fist, permitting him to fit Mongkut punch for punch. Using his abilities, Kurt gets the top hand and knocks Mongkut out.

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