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Wazir 2016 Full Movie Free Download HD 720p BluRay - Wazir 2016 Full Movie Free Download HD 720p BluRayMovie Details:    

Language: Hindi

Starring: Amitabh Bachchan, Farhan Akhtar, Aditi Rao Hydari, Manav Kaul, Neil Nitin Mukesh

Genres: ActionThrillerCrime

File Name: Wazir-(2016)-HD-720p.mkv

File Size: 893 MB

Quality: 720p

imdb 37x18 - Wazir 2016 Full Movie Free Download HD 720p BluRay

A grief-stricken cop and an amputee grandmaster are brought together by a peculiar twist of fate as part of a wider conspiracy that has darkened their lives.

Brief Description:   

Wazir 2016 is a Bollywood movie in the Hindi language. Bejoy Nambiar is the director of this movie. Vidhu Vinod Chopra is the producer of the movie. The writer of this movie is Abhijeet Deshpande, Gazal Dhaliwal. Wazir 2016 cast includes Amitabh Bachchan, Farhan Akhtar, Aditi Rao Hydari, Manav Kaul, Neil Nitin Mukesh and other stars. Music of Wazir 2016 is Shantanu Moitra, Ankit Tiwari, Prashant Pillai, Rochak Kohli, and Gaurav Godkhindi. Download Wazir 2016 HD 720p BluRay. The release date for the movie is 08-January-2016.


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Wazir 2016 Story:

Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) officer Danish Ali (Farhan Akhtar) lives with his better half Ruhana (Aditi Rao Hydari) and little girl Noorie. One day, while Daanish is driving with his significant other and little girl, he detects the psychological oppressor Farooq Rameez and pursues him. Noorie is slaughtered in the resulting shootout while Rameez gets away. Ruhana is smashed and censures Daanish for Noorie’s passing. Daanish later murders Rameez amid a police task, maddening his seniors, who needed Rameez alive to discover which government official he would meet.

A despondency stricken Daanish is going to slaughter himself at Noorie’s grave when a baffling van shows up, driving off when Daanish hollers at it. Daanish finds a wallet lying where the van was, goes to return it, and meets its proprietor, an incapacitated chess ace named Pandit Omkar Nath Dhar (Amitabh Bachchan), who ends up having been Noorie’s chess educator. Pandit begins showing Daanish chess and enlightens him concerning Nina, Pandit’s little girl who additionally kicked the bucket. Nina had been instructing chess to Ruhi (Mazel Vyas), the little girl of an administration server.


Yazaad Qureshi (Manav Kaul), and had tumbled down the stairs at Qureshi’s home and kicked the bucket. Interested, Daanish tries to meet Qureshi, yet cops at the priest’s office debilitate him with capture. Daanish later meets Ruhi at her school to get some information about Nina, yet Ruhi is taken away by Qureshi who undermines her for conversing with Daanish.Pandit leaves for Kashmir, where Qureshi is going. Wazir calls Daanish and undermines to murder Pandit.

Daanish wildly pursues Pandit’s van yet Wazir explodes it, executing Pandit. Resolved to correct vengeance and find who Wazir is, Daanish makes an arrangement with the Superintendent of police (John Abraham). Amid Qureshi’s discourse, the Superintendent explodes explosives, causing a frenzy, and keeps down the police to give Daanish time to act. A couple of days after the fact, while watching Ruhana’s play in view of chess and devoted to Pandit Daanish understands that Pandit was, actually, the play’s “feeble pawn” who becomes a close acquaintance with a “solid rock” (Daanish) who might kill a “devilish ruler” (Qureshi).


Stunned, Daanish discovers Pandit’s maid, who says that she didn’t really observe Wazir on the night he assaulted Pandit. She gives Daanish a USB pen-drive which Pandit had advised her to provide for Daanish in the event that he came searching for Wazir. Pandit deliberately dropped his wallet close to Noorie’s grave so Daanish could discover it and become friends with him. Pandit had yielded himself to guarantee that Daanish would execute Qureshi and get exact retribution for the two. Shaken by the disclosure, Daanish and Ruhana rejoin.

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