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Language: Hindi

Starring: Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Zhu Zhu

Genres: Drama, History, War

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 It is the story of a man’s unshakable faith in himself and the love for his family.

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Brief Description:

TubeLight 2017 is a Bollywood Hindi movie which is produced by Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Zhu Zhu. This is Directed By Kabir Khan. The writer of this movie is Kabir Khan. The Cast is Salman Khan, Sohail Khan, Om Puri, Shah Rukh Khan and Other Stars. Tubelight 2017 Movie Released in June 2017.

Tubelight 2017 Story:

Download Tubelight 2017 Full Movie Free in HD 720p BluRay. Laxman Singh Bisht, an abnormal kid. His father was an alcoholic driver. Laxman shortly gets his brother Baharat who defends him from same youngsters who bully him in many ways (including beating Narayan) thus nobody ever dares to bully him. During college days, M.K Gandhi (known as Mahatma Gandhi) has arrived there to teach youngsters everything regarding religion, courageousness, and belief. When India was free of the rule of British, Laxman and Bharat’s parents passes away and Gandhi gets dead. They then grew up and their love of brotherhood gets a lot of stronger. Suddenly, when Indian border gets attacked by Chinese soldiers, Indian Army starts recruitment of soldiers for Kumaon. Tubelight 2017 and all other Bollywood movies free download.

Regiment in order to stop tension at the border. Narayan is rejected as a result of knock knees and Laxman gets rejected as a result of his abnormalities, however, but he gets offered for employment as an informer/messenger for the army. As Indian soldiers (including Bharat) reach Indian border (in which there was a huge tension), suddenly a war rages between India and China. Banner Chacha gets angry about this and advises him to befriend those ladies and boy to whom they tried to attack them because M.K Gandhi has not despised Britishers however learned from them to free India from British rule. When some tries, Laxman finally succeeds to befriend Lening and Gu. Laxman tries to explain Indian army regarding GU and Lening but he fails. During a war, Baharat and soldiers try to escape but get captured. Tubelight 2017 Full Movie Free Download from HD Movie Stock.


Laxman learns about this and gets heartbroken, however Leing but consoles him to bring back his religion, therefore, he can get his brother back. Narayan tries to attack Gu, however, Laxman saves him. When some days, he learned that 264 soldiers were martyred, he then tries again many times but shortly he learns that he succeeded in doing a little factor as he learned that war is stopped and borderline emerged between India and China. They celebrate the happiness of finish of war, and Lee gets her lost father back within the method. However suddenly, the war still continued in some parts and Baharat gets killed. After learning this Laxman gets shattered as he feels that people were right about him, however, Leing and Gu comforts him and bids farewell to come back to Calcutta.

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