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Language: Hindi

Starring: Akshay Kumar, Tapsee Pannu, Anupam Kher

Genres: Action

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This Spin-off from Baby (2015) provides the back-story of intelligence agent Shabana and chronicles how she becomes a spy.

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Brief Description:

Naam Shabana 2017 is a Bollywood movie in the Hindi language. Directed by Shivam Nair and writer of Naam Shabana 2017 is Neeraj Pandey. Producers of the movie are Neeraj Pandey and Aruna Bhatia. Starring includes Taapsee Pannu, Akshay Kumar, Prithviraj Sukumaran, Manoj Bajpayee, Anupam Kher and other stars. Music by Sanjoy Chowdhury. Download Naam Shabana 2017 Full Movie Free in HD 720p BluRay. Movie released date is March 2017.

Naam Shabana 2017 Story:

The film starts with two Indian agents working under Ranvir Singh (Manoj Bajpai) pursuing a worldwide arms merchant Mikhail (Prithviraj Sukumaran). He has been on the radar of a few knowledge organizations, however, rather he executes them both and gets away. After a year Shabana Khan (Taapsee Pannu) an understudy. She is additionally a Judo contender is being trailed by Indian organization as a potential enroll.

One of Shabana’s companions, Jai (Taher Shabbir Mithaiwala). He likes Shabana and dependably tries to hit on her, asks her out on the town a day prior to his birthday. She consents to run with him on the date and where he admits his affection for her. Amid the date, he gets some information about her past, and Shabana discloses to him that she had been kept in an adolescent detainment foundation for murdering her damaging father who used to physically strike her mom.


Amid their bicycle ride home Shabana is a casualty of eve-prodding from a gathering of 4 alcoholic men in a car, with the trade reworking into a physical squabble bringing about Jai getting murdered and the aggressors fleeing. Before long, Shabana gets a call from an obscure number inquiring as to whether she needs to vindicate her sweetheart’s passing. The obscure guest consents to enabling her to end the executioner in return for Shabana joining a mystery office. Shabana consents to this and in like manner gets data on the executioner’s whereabouts, and the specialists help her in murdering them.

Shabana at that point goes to Goa, to a similar in where the principal offender who executed Jai was remaining. As trained, Shabana goes into his room murdering him and later escapes with the assistance of Ajay Singh (Akshay Kumar). The guest is then uncovered to be Manoj Bajpayee. Following this Shabana is enrolled into the mystery specialist on a trial premise, wherein she is to get broad preparing in physical wellness and bottling methods. The story at that point concentrates on a worldwide arms merchant and provider Mikhail.

Three Indian operators at that point find Tony, Mikhail’s correct hand. Amid examination, Tony tips them off with regards to the temperament of a German specialist who has surgically modified Mikhail’s face. When the organization contacts the specialist to get what Mikhail feels like currently. Tony murders all of the 3 operators and getaways, uncovering that he himself is Mikhail. Ranvir Singh gets the tip that Mikhail is composition another cosmetic surgery to alter his face.


Ajay Singh and Om Prakash Shukla help Shabana to kill Mikhail. Shabana enters the nearby operation theater masked as a patient, and in the wake of disposing of Mikhail’s private security is going to murder Mikhail in the working theater. Amazingly, he is conscious as he had declined to take general anesthesia amid the operation. After a significant tussle, where Mikhail nearly chokes Shabana, She at long last figures out how to execute Mikhail and by and by escape from the police with the assistance of Ajay.

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