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Im Not a Terrorist 2017 Full Movie Free Download HD Cam 158x300 - I'm Not a Terrorist 2017 Full Movie Free Download HD 720p BluRayMovie Details:    

Language: Hindi

Starring: Gulshan Grover, Rahul Dev, Afiq Muiz, Farida Jalal

Genres: Action

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Quality: 720p
imdb 37x18 - I'm Not a Terrorist 2017 Full Movie Free Download HD 720p BluRay

Born in Kashmir, Ummar sent by his mother to live with his aunt in Malaysia. There, he becomes acquitted and slowly develops a relationship with Dayana, who is the daughter of a famous businessman.


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I’m Not a Terrorist 2017 is a Bollywood Movie in the Hindi Language. Director of this movie is Arjin Uppal. The writer of this movie is Jekyll Gyzma. Producers of this Movie are S.Baldev Singh & Harvinder Uppal. Starring are Gulshan Grover, Rahul Dev, Afiq Muiz, Farida Jalal, Chacha Maembong, Khir Mohd Noor, Betty Banafe, Dato’ Jalaluddin Hassan and Other Stars. Music of this movie is by Arvinder Singh. Download I’m Not a Terrorist 2017 Full Movie Free in HD 720p BluRay. I’m Not a Terrorist 2017 Movie Released in October 2017.

I’m Not a Terrorist 2017 Story:

On the graduation day, ABDUL UMMAR discovers that his mom who’s in Kashmir is kicking the bucket from the disease. Out of distress, DAYANA encourages him to buy a flight ticket to backpedal to the place where he grew up that he cleared out fifteen years prior. Because of her inquisitive and audacious nature, Dayana purchases another ticket and takes after Ummar to Kashmir. They come to an underestimated and little village.That night after the supper, when they are talking, Dayana discovers the genuine motivation behind why Ummar was sent to Malaysia fifteen years prior. His dad, ABDUL RASYAD was blamed as a fear-based oppressor when he passed over himself amidst a residential community. Numerous pure individuals were killed that day. The mother rapidly sent Ummar to Malaysia and she moved to a more confined town to maintain a strategic distance from every one of those individuals who detest them.

Abu Zar is a neighborhood criminal and psychological oppressor wannabe. Fifteen years prior, because of his desire for control, Abu Zar vowed his devotion to Maulana Kabira, the pioneer of a psychological militant gathering that dwells in another nation. With such a solid support from the Maulana, Abu Zar threatened his own particular kinsman with suicide shelling and different astounded acts. One of his casualties was Rasyad, the father of the film hero, Ummar.


Tragically, they never acknowledge one of Abu Zar’s supporters is watching them from afar.The adherent returns and discloses to Abu Zar that he saw the outside young lady (Dayana) again. Abu Zar has a little arrangement for her. Mustaffar is an Abu Zar’s correct hand man. He winds up noticeably perplexed in the wake of seeing Abu Zar conferred an unspeakable psychological oppressor act and influenced far from their primary lifestyle fifteen years prior. Mustaffar perceives Ummar in light of the fact that he looks like Rasyad when Rasyad was youthful. Dayana has progressed toward becoming Abu Zar next focus for a suicide bomb mission inside Kashmir, in this manner Ummar and Dayana traps there. This is a Malaysian film 2017.

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